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November 28, 2013
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[TSFE] Ule Reference/Bio by ChikitaWolf [TSFE] Ule Reference/Bio by ChikitaWolf
Ule [TSFE] (c) =ChikitaWolf
Art (c) =ChikitaWolf

So here's Ule /crai. He's a new side character for my original story TSFE. Here's his infos >>
* sometimes I draw him with tailfeathers, he plucks them out tho cuz they annoy him /shot

Name: Ule
Alias: none
Gender: Male
Species: sub-human avius*
*Type: custom experiment (snow owl)
Age: 39 (stopped aging at his prime, looks twenty-something)

Occupation: Refugee

Likes: cleaning, sleeping, doing miscellaneous chores, hunting, babysitting
Dislikes: the corrupted wealth, Aeron (doesn't approve of him being with Reila), people who yank out his feathers (unless you're a child, you will incur his wrath aha), gangs and those involved with them
Weaknesses: walking on hard surfaces too long (hurts his claws), alcohol (no tolerance for it whatsoever oops)

Personality: Rather quiet, Ule isn't overly chatty. He's a gentle and patient person unless something excites him; in which case his cunning, almost prank-like side shows. He's also quite skilled at making comments that seem innocent at first, but are actually found to be rather biting once thought back on. He enjoys serving and will offer a helping hand whenever he can. He's also a bit of a clean-freak.

History: Ule was a custom snow owl experiment created to serve a wealthy family in Manscity. However, once he arrived to the family ready to serve, he was not approved of and deemed faulty since he couldn't grow wings and fly, which is usually a requirement for avius sub-humans unless requested otherwise. The family was just going about rejecting his arrival when their youngest daughter took a liking to him and begged them to keep him. While the family cared not for their youngest seven year-old daughter, they honoured her request, not wanting to look bad in front of their company. And so, Ule became a servant of the household. To repay his gratitude, he paid attention primarily to the family's youngest daughter, Reila, who had saved his life. While the family ignored the little girl, he took care of her amongst his daily chores; this consisted of things ranging from accompanying her to school, helping her with homework, or simply playing with her.
Unfortunately, these carefree days came to an end after a gang of undercity sub-humans broke into the family's home, aiming to kidnap a member of the family to hold for ransom. Twelve year-old Reila was their pick; and amongst the chaos of fighting gangster sub-humans and custom experiment guards, they attempted to take her away. Ule tried to protect her as they burst into her room but was outnumbered and fatally wounded. In a final attempt to save the little girl who had given him a chance at life, Ule forced his body to heal rapidly using the Virus inside of him, and then continued on to use the Virus to fight. While he succeeded in saving Reila, the repercussions of his actions caught up with him. The Virus within his body went haywire due to his lack of training with it, and Ule began the downhill spiral that curses many experiments like him; the Virus slowly began to take over his body and turn him into the animal side spliced into his genetics. As Ule struggled to regain himself, the patriarch of Reila's family banished him from the household, as an experiment who has lost control is an embarrassment upon the family who owns it. Ule did not fight back as he couldn't bear for Reila to watch him either lose control of himself and/or turn into an owl before her eyes, so he left willingly, despite her wailing behind him.
Ule took refuge with the sub-humans of undercity, hence his clothing. Despite his anger towards the undercity gang that pushed him from his home and Reila, he found friends with fellow sub-humans struggling with their Virus just as he. He's since then lived with them as he learns of ways to slow down the inevitable of losing his humanity.

:bulletwhite: Reila: the girl who saved him; she's like a little sister to him (although she's always had a crush on him d'aw)
:bulletwhite: Felicia: Relia's older sister who is loved by the family; nice, but definitely a momma's girl
:bulletwhite: Talia: Relia's other older sister who is just like her mother attitude-wise, but cunning and cold like her father
:bulletwhite: "Sir": Reila's father, a businessman, whom he disagrees with on viewpoints and opinions but grudgingly respects
:bulletwhite: "Ma'am": Relia's mother who should be avoided if possible at all costs (she never did approve of him since he was faulty)
:bulletwhite: Aeron: that womanizing bastard who's dating Reila
:bulletwhite: Jynx: a friend whose sister got involved in the gangs (she cuts his hair too)
:bulletwhite: Cyrah: a friend who is a great cook but keeps trying to get in his pants oops
:bulletwhite: Mimi: a friend who isn't very bright but is a great dancer

:bulletwhite: "Every day that passes, this body grows weaker against the Virus inside of me. Every day that passes, I come closer to losing the last of my humanity. But even if I am to become a bird, I will never forget she who saved me."
:bulletwhite: "The dress suits you. *innocent smile* /insinuating she's a slut"
:bulletwhite: "I don't approve of him, Reila. He likes women a little too much."
:bulletwhite: "I have an urge - a need, if you will - to serve. Whether it's brainwashing in my creation or not isn't my concern. I just need to work."
:bulletwhite: "Cyrah, I'm not a customer. You're making me uncomfortable. plz stahp eet :'< "
:bulletwhite: "That is one job I'm not inclined to do."
:bulletwhite: "Sir, I want to learn. It's true as you say that I wasn't born to protect, only to serve, and that you already have sub-humans who provide security; but I want to learn how to fence. I will make use of what you teach me. I will be useful."
:bulletwhite: "Mimi, I'm quite positive that's not how you use a fork . . ."

:bulletwhite: In Old English (about 600 A.D. to about 1000 A.D.), owl was "ule," similar to the original Dutch word.
:bulletwhite: Ule learned how to fence from Reila's father, whom he convinced to teach him providing that he would make use of the skill to support the family.
:bulletwhite: He gets along well with the prostitutes of undercity (like Jynx, Cyrah, and Mimi), not because he'll buy their time, but because he treats them like normal people instead of sex toys. He's also been known to chase off aggressive men for them lol.
:bulletwhite: Ule has some knowledge of treating wounds from his desire not to push his Virus further by seeking it to heal his injuries faster.
:bulletwhite: He's an amateur cook, though as of late he only seems able to stomach meat. (Cyrah is his mentor).
:bulletwhite: His vision is best in the dark, and he'll often be more excitable to hunt and be active at night.
:bulletwhite: Ule's skin has a very slight skin color hue to it rather than being solid gray because he has less of the Virus in his system.
:bulletwhite: While he can't grow wings from his back, his arms are slowly turning into wings (he uses the sub-human bandages to slow the growth, particularly on his left arm since that one gives him the most trouble).
:bulletwhite: He's a semi-clean freak, so he has a habit of keeping himself clean and cleaning up after others (sometimes whilst muttering to himself about other's lack of care).
:bulletwhite: Nope, Ule doesn't have ears. Just the holes. Liek a bird. Which is why he uses his hair to cover them up.
:bulletwhite: One game the kids he babysits love to play is where he catches them with his clawed feet (he hangs down from a rafter by his arms and picks them up like a bird would prey, being careful not to cut them o'course). He can also use this trick to catch thieves or suspicious characters who are on the run.
:bulletwhite: Because excessive walking can be troublesome and awkward with his feet, Ule can often be found jumping from building to building rather than walking on the streets (hopping is easier on his feet).
:bulletwhite: There are times he'll accidentally instinctively swallow something whole, and then have to throw up the bones and such later (like an owl). He'll deny this even if someone catches him red-handed.
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