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February 29, 2012
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IT'S THEIR FAULT!1!!11 by ChikitaWolf IT'S THEIR FAULT!1!!11 by ChikitaWolf

I'm sure those of you who have dived into the muck of debate and flaming have seen it.

I'd love to add stamps in here as examples, but the anti-religion stamps far outweighed the anti-atheism stamps (from what I could find), and I gave up x'D

As a Christian myself (I'd like to think I'd be considered a "sane" one, lmao), I've been called a lot of nasty things and gotten more than my fair share of vulgar comments. But goodness, I've seen atheists (or anyone not entirely religious for that matter) get ripped apart just as bad, if not worse.

Recently, however, I've noticed that people are starting a ridiculous crying out that "[Athiests / Religious folk] are the haters!!", "There's only hate on the [Atheist / Religion] side!!", etc.

. . . wut? :lol:

tl;dr: There's hate on both sides, people. It's not just one side's fault.

Anyway, !DoItForTheLulz says it best in regards to the extremism on both sides. :la:
I wish Christians would come up with a new nameSeriously, I wish you good Christians--the ones of value and true faith--would devise a way to call yourselves something different so that we can identify you from the morons. I mean, really. Most of you people are like anyone else, but you have morons who spout stupid shit that just makes your religion look like a brain washing factory of retardation.

I wish branding was still legal. Then we could just mark fucktards on the forehead with giant "F"s.

For "fucktard".

Edit: Now that I have your attention,

This applies to everyone. It just so happens that "Christian" is a really good topic word for people to look.

I aim this mostly at Chris

EDIT: I'd really appreciate it if people didn't attempt "turning" others away from their beliefs or lack thereof. Everyone has a right to believe in what they want - there's no need for you to start leeching onto people's comments and telling them they're messed up or wrong, etc, etc.
If I keep finding this going on, I'm going to disable comments.
Healthy conversation is encouraged, however :B

EDIT2: Need examples of what I'm talking about in this stamp? I suggest reading through the comments ;D *ahem*Page 6

EDIT3: Featured~! :heart:
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WoodburyBound Jan 20, 2014  Student Writer
I don't even have to go to the sixth page. There's enough hatred on the first page of comments to make me sad about what this world is becoming.
ChikitaWolf Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Looking back on it, I'd rather not point people to the sixth page anyway, cuz holy shiznits were brains melted in the ludicrousy of it all xD

Hnnn, on the bright side, at least we still have some people who use their brains lmao. Lots of crazies, yes; but the people I've met in college have given me some hope 8'D
DaBair Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Atheists can be just as obnoxious as religious people.
I've never been bashed for having a belief in God thankfully, but it upsets me to hear people being bashed for having or not having a belief :( I hope someday atheists and religious people can come together and just be friendly and support one another.
sadly that will not happen my dear but its a good dream
Indeed it is. Hopefully someday people realize how foolish they sound when they bash ones religion.
no most humans are to stubborn to idmit  there wrong
That's also true..sadly I know people like that =.=
If you were an atheist you wouldn't even need to discuss, you would be bashed by simple titles, quotes, signatures.
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