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Cussing... COOL? by ChikitaWolf Cussing... COOL? by ChikitaWolf
Background found on Google / edited by *ChikitaWolf
Stamp by *ChikitaWolf

Cussing... COOL?


I've started coming across more and more kids (and teenagers my age) cussing (or, to be more exact, 'cursing') who only do it because... it "sounds cool".


Some view cursing as foul and immature, but I've always taken to viewing cursing as an emphasis in words and literature. That's just my opinion :shrug:

But cursing because it's... "cool"?

I'll tell ya now, I don't curse. Emphasis in literature only. And because of that, people tend to respect me a bit more-- in the way that they think I'm mature for my age.

People are judgemental like that. Cursing isn't always viewed as an accepted thing. Heck, if I cursed in my family, my mom would pull me over her knee-- me being sixteen or not x'D

However, I don't think cursing is a BAD thing... when used in the right way >3>

Cuz, seriously. I have literally had someone talk to me for three minutes using nothing but curse words... and I had to ask them to repeat because I didn't understand a word they were saying, lmao.

So I guess it all boils down to how you use it. Oh, and how you understand it. Flinging around words you really don't know the meaning of... is kinda silly, haha. And could earn you a tanned hide from your parents if they don't like you using foul language.

So, all in all, cussing your mouth off to be "cool" makes you look like a wannabe. To be blunt. Speaking foul language is not about being "cool", it's about making a point in a sometimes aggressive manner, lol or, more commonly, be a way to vent off your anger / emphasize your feelings at the moment.

My view on things anyway :shrug:

PS: And what's with these five year olds cursing these days? o.O I mean, really? I have mixed feelings of amusement and deep concern for our upcoming generations, lmao


EDIT: To be frank, I'm tired of getting comments from people. Especially people who completely miss the point of the stamp, or find some way to twist my words to satisfy their need to be offended and chastise someone.
The stamps are old. I don't really make stamps anymore. I just keep my rants to myself now. Hell, some of my opinions have softened up too in regards to actually caring about those topics these days.
But yeah, comments are disabled now. Thanks to those who offered some interesting insight on any subjects on my stamps!
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July 27, 2011
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