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some of mai shiz

My Repost/Use Rules here.

My Characters Navigation ;

| D.Gray-Man Characters Folder [x]
Kira Malcolm & Chikita | Setesh Khalil | Elana Davis | Caitlyn Nikolas | Aldrich Frost (new)

| Original Characters Folder [x]
Raka Hototo & Vanna | Dmitri, Nyx, & Eve | Ule | Pórek

adorable Eve pixel by papyrus-tree
character pixels commissioned from yeoongi

Featured Character of Mine ~('v')~

[DGM] Scattered Flames by ChikitaWolf
-|- - - My D.Gray-Man fan character is Kira Malcolm, a 15 year-old exorcist stationed at the Black Order's European Branch (HQ) in London, England. She's a Parasite-type Accommodator who wields Darkness' Light (a morphing body armour) as her Anti-Akuma Weapon, which is found in the epidermal layer of her skin. Kira isn't too strong for an Apostle of God; but what her Innocence lacks in strength and enduring power she makes up for with speed and calculated bursts of energy to survive in the Holy War. She also has a crush on Allen Walker, her friend and comrade oops.

[ R e a d : her full bio here

[ R e a d : her Innocence details

[ S e e : her visual reference

[ R e a d : her fanfic Song of the Fourteenth

[ S e e : artwork by me of Kira :heart:

* Kira is not a RP character or open to RP with

* You have permission to draw Kira as long as you tell me about it so I can throw love and sparkles at you :D

[ Extra Fun Stuff! >>
{ AU!Noah!Kira } { Older!Kira } { Male!Kira } { Artwork by Others }

:note: Chikita is Kira's childhood friend and cat, a Parasitic Beast-type Innocence. Chikita is not Kira's Innocence. She is a plot-device in my fanfiction that involves many spoilers, so you won't find much info on her until it's revealed in the story :>

:note: Please don't steal my designs for Kira... if you're questioning whether your design is too inspired by hers, please feel free to note me ;-; UPDATE:

"If you wouldn't steal a concept, a uniform, a design, or anything else from canon, then don't steal it from fans either." knightchick

Kira + Chikita pixel by CIAE13
Kira + Chikita, Rei + Golem by GazeRei

DGM: Pride of Tomorrow - fake ending by GazeRei
I am a proud member of dA's
D.Gray-Man Fan Character Community
where we support each other, help each other
improve our fan characters, and speak out
against petty harrassment over FCs.
:pointr: [DGM OC] PSA :pointl:
:pointr: DEAL WITH IT :pointl:

Recent beautiful art for me <3

You can do it! by B3GIN

< < G i f t s > >

My friends and supporters mean the world to me, and I could never thank y'all enough for being the awesome people that you are. I truly hope to be able to give back to the community that has been there for me during my darkest and whiniest of hours. Thank you all so much!! ;^;/

[..] On the night of the dancing flames by GazeRei [Request] Anurabis + Setesh by DMarston
[DGM] Take away everything I am by GazeRei Monthly Request - September by Schraubenhirn

Point comm: Kira and Rei by kiko-burza

<< Commissions, Requests, Etc >>

I love finding people to request and commish from! There are so many fabulous artists and art styles out there - to see my characters drawn in them is a real treat ;7;

[Request] Kira + Allen by DMarston Commission: Chikitawolf by Hachiimi
Kira by acsuu [PC] Kira and Rei by Nagisa-Imouto

Quote Wall

"Chi is my so hetero waifu that I go male." GazeRei

"like if i werent straight as a board and nailed down by my religion i would be hitting on you so hard" papyrus-tree

"have a good day at college and if you level up any more in Aion i will eat your skin and sacrifice your bones to my demon gods uvu*" papyrus-tree

"when youre 5: "IM A BIG GIRL I CAN DO THIS"
in college: "I WANNA BE A LITTLE GIRL AGAIN I CANT DO THIS"" papyrus-tree

"chi: *making tons of fake money and leveling up like a mofo*
me: *watching spongebob*
" papyrus-tree

"when we meet irl I'm gonna punt u" papyrus-tree

"my address is on Chisy's back : If found, send her back to the owner:" GazeRei

"oh you remind me of this character. he dies. *shimmer*" B3GIN

"Nonono you gotta get good at drawing smut, so when people bother you while drawing you can whip out the smut and they'll leave you alone." Lon3NightWolf

Paps: what up
Reisy: the sky
Chi: the ceiling
Paps: yall sassy nerds

"god bless your chiisy soul" ph-ag

"I hate it with the passion of a thousand starving Moyashis" B3GIN


Beyonsey: Upon entering the chi sqaud: Expectation: We're cute, cool, and popular! JOIN US
Beyonsey: Upon entering the chi squad: Reality: we're absolutely none of those things. Also cats. Cats are nice.
Chiisydoritos: and Tyki legs
Chiisydoritos: don't forget those
Beyonsey: NO

"Allen Walker: The boy who successfully went from "Can anyone help me find a cat?" to "Sir, tell your wife to keep her hands out of my pants, please!"" shaerahaek

------------ : "Well I got my username from a meme, and you say my name is "so uncreative""
ElectricSparx: "did you get your attitude from a meme too, because I think 4chan scored points in the originality department there"

"You should accept female artists are comfortable with making their ocs with bitching legs and boobs that can probably squash a mans head between them and rule the world." kurtkun

"like wow, you're so smart, pat pat, now go and read the fucking manga" GazeRei, kicking ass and taking names

"So light em up up up, light em up up up, light em up up up
Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fiiiiiiyaaaaahhhhh
" datesp8jr

"i will not rest until there r Kira boobs on this screen" Erii--Chan

"I know a lot of salt, and one of the things I found is that most of the earth's salt isn't in the oceans, it's actually in pissed off people on the internet" Erii--Chan

"That line is straighter than me" GazeRei

"Leash your bitch, (name removed). It's nipping at people." knightchick

"I'm thankful for dgm, since I am anime trash and since it brought us all together c:" papyrus-tree


"When someone says their OC could beat yours up in the originality-department but their OC is a pony with seven tails" ChikitaWolf

". . . talking with you is about as fun and important as slamming my face into a metal door" Erii--Chan

BeyonSey, Lover of Tyki legs says: Where is chi I would like to have a nice and fulfilling conversation with her about my new name


"Come over here so I can kick you." - my mom

"*jumps from one emotion to another* parkour" - daniiyells (twitter)

Onebecamenone: Chi stop fighting the fandom [dgm tumblr]

Want to read more funny quotes?
Click here~!


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navigation thingie

Whether you're a friend, fan, passerby, or someone I've managed to piss off, I hope you have a marvelous day! And if you don't, try Googling funny cat gifs - maybe they can at least get you to crack a smile c:

:bulletred: My Activity Status :bulletred:
Update: Not active atm. Literally dying in reading homework and note-taking bc I'm an idiot who signs up for three full credit hour Literature courses during a re-admission semester. OTL. I'll probably have things balanced out in a couple more weeks enough to be semi-active online again...
(( Szeretlek, Reisy pie ;___; ))

Ps. Dgm fandom are you okay. You don't sound okay. I haven't seen this much passive-aggression since like ever, and I've only skimmed to leave a message here. Dayum y'all. Hug a pillow.

:bulletgreen: Community News :bulletgreen:

The following people have DGM OC requests open!
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:pointr: renieule has opened commissions as well
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:pointr: Apple--Queen is holding a DGM OC animation event based on a Skillet song as well
:pointr: knightchick has a DGM OC Hallow Opening Screenshot Project going too!

Yo! I'm Chi, a 21 year-old gal who enjoys CAPSLOCK, keyboard smashing, funny cat gifs, and ridiculous inside jokes. I'mma crazy ass D.Gray-Man fan, in case it wasn't obvious enough. My Gallery consists mostly of DGM-related art/gifts with a side of my own OCs and stories. I'm primarily a creative writer, but I enjoy digital drawing and pixeling almost as much. I'm here to have fun with friends and for some major stress relief from life and college. Unfortunately I tend to take on too many things at once, so I often get behind on my inbox ;o; Sorry!

I have ADHD and persistent depressive disorder, both of which strongly impact my activity. Your patience is appreciated! :heart:

+ DGM: Openings + by stamps-account Running Edward Elric Stamp by The-Blue-Pangolin STAMP - Natsume by Stamp-It

I am on HOLD for full DGM fan character reviews. I am open to answering quick questions, advice, or skim overs, though. If you're interested, just send me a message! I'm happy to help!

:tea: C o m m u n i t y
:pointr: Looking for point/cash commissions?
:pointr: Looking for more DGM fan characters?

:tea: J o u r n a l s
:pointr: DGM Notes: Exorcist Training + Innocence Strength
:pointr: DGM Notes: Exorcist Uniform Resources
:pointr: Chi DGM Reviewing: First Glance
:pointr: DGM Misconceptions: Hair Color
:pointr: DGM Misconceptions: Modern/Historical Clothing
:pointr: Guide: Avoid DGM OC Copycatting
:pointr: PSA to DGM OC Creators (on copying/inspiration)
:pointr: Guide: How to Respond to Sue Critics
:pointr: Five Tips to Keep Interested in Your OC ((NEW!))
:pointr: Multiple DGM OC Journal Meme

:tea: D.Gray-Talk! [Community Event]
Hosted by knightchick, Mojomito, B3GIN, and ChikitaWolf
:pointr: D.Gray-Talk Episode 1: Introduction (various topics)
:pointr: D.Gray-Talk Episode 2: Uniforms and slut-shaming
:pointr: D.Gray-Talk Episode 3: Shipping
:pointr: D.Gray-Talk Episode 4: Innocence Part 1
:pointr: D.Gray-Talk Episode 5: Innocence Part 2
:pointr: D.Gray-Talk Episode 6: Rip Off vs Inspiration
:pointr: D.Gray-Talk Episode 7: DGM Hallow Ramble & Community

Mah Babus (/;7;)/ <3

King/Bestie; GazeRei
Husbando; onebecamenone
Ex-Husband; Kiinsy

Sissy; B3GIN
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My Cabbage; RyuKiCabba
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Cutie Patootie; Beyonsey
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Boob to my noodle; Erii--Chan
Insurance Adjuster; flowersinthetardis
[GSQ] Hangin' Out by Mojomito

[Nyandom] Our hearts beats for each other by GazeRei

What's The Magical Nyandom?
The spawn of a Skype chat group (now FB chat) created by Whatfloatsmyboat and infested with rainbows, desu, and feelz. GazeRei is the Nyan!King, I'm the Nyan!Queen, and papyrus-tree and Whatfloatsmyboat are the Nyan!Princesses. Rei and I are in husbando/waifu relationship, as are Miks and Paps, hence the lesbian-sounding convos oops.

Commission:DGM fan Characters,, by WinterHayat
So what's <<MARK>> ?
MARK is an acronym for the Nyandom's D.Gray-Man fan characters; Mika Weirner (Whatfloatsmyboat), Anna Jones (papyrus-tree), Shiroyama Rei (GazeRei), & Kira Malcolm (my chara). Mika is paired with Lavi (Mivi), Anna is paired with Joe Smythe (Joanna), Rei is paired with Kanda Yuu (Yuurei), and Kira is paired with Allen Walker (Allira). We enjoy getting art and making art of our little quartet, hence why you may hear about it uvub

M.A.R.K. Fan Button by Allen-WalkerDGrayMan

To Do List /dying whale noises

( - not started
(╯°□°)╯   - sketching/linearting
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ - coloring
-(oAo)- - complete

Requests - CLOSED

Trades - CLOSED
1. NaocitaTama Rock & Blackie
2. MistressApocalypse TLD-related
3. xXLee-kunXx Leekotsu & Lenalee
4. Scribble-Demon smol headshot art trade 'v'

Point Commissions - CLOSED
Dmitri Pixel Status by ChikitaWolf

:pointr: My Pixel Chibi Point Commissions
:pointr: My Sketchy Point Commissions
:pointr: Stuff I'm Waiting On <3
1. Cashewdee fullbody Pandii + Victor(ia)

1. TheStrayLiger Nana
3. Shit ton of b-day gifts like holy biscuits
4. papyrus-tree Anna & Joe pixels

fabulous Dmitri birthday pixel by rotaeto
Raka + Vanna chibis commissioned from rotaeto


ChikitaWolf has started a donation pool!
1,338 / 3,000

Even 1 point is appreciated!
I use these points specifically for surprise donating to those who are short a few. Also to fund Raka and Vanna's Coca Cola obsession. Thank you for your kindness!

Adorable chibis by hitogata
Hobos Raka, Vanna, and Chi by papyrus-tree

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(( cat gif stolen from GazeRei >D ))
* Pictures that don't have credits at the bottom of the custom box or in the art itself are clickable to the original artwork. Check 'em out and give 'em some love!

:icongazerei: :iconchikitawolf:
Like my art? Then you should check out my best friend, GazeRei! She's the one who encouraged me to not give up on drawing, and I've learned many of my techniques from watching her draw :heart:

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(Request) Kira Renee Malcom by Wynnchi
If you're going to thank me for faving,
make sure to include a link to / thumb of your work.
This type of advertisement I don't mind!

My icon is from the official new website for the incoming D.Gray-Man anime continuation. They're providing official anime artwork for use!


We belieb in u Chiwee
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*takes Chisy away* my bae<3 everyone stay away xD
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*Puts a Allen here for Christmas here*
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