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My D.Gray-Man FC ~('v')~

Afe'la Ohr, Activate! by ChikitaWolf

-|- - - My D.Gray-Man fan character is Kira Malcolm, a 15 year-old exorcist stationed at the Black Order's European Branch (HQ) in London, England. She's a Parasite-type Accommodator who wields Afe'la Ohr (Darkness' Light) as her Anti-Akuma Weapon, which is found in the epidermal layer of her skin. The poor girl isn't too strong for an Apostle of God, but what her Innocence lacks in strength and enduring power, she makes up for with speed and calculated bursts of energy to survive in the Holy War. (Now if only she could fight on her own without needing her ass saved so often!). She also has a crush on Allen Walker, her friend and "substitute mentor" oops.

If you'd like to find out more about my DGM character, check out the links provided below!

[ R e a d : her full profile here

[ R e a d : the details of her Innocence

[ S e e : her drawn out reference

[ R e a d : her fanfiction Song of the Fourteenth

[ S e e : artwork by me of Kira :heart:

* Kira is not a RP character or open to RP with

* You have permission to draw Kira as long as you tell me about it so I can throw love and sparkles at you :D

[ Extra Fun Stuff! >>
{ AU!Noah!Kira } { Older!Kira } { Male!Kira } { Artwork by Others }

:note: Chikita is Kira's childhood friend and cat, a Parasitic Beast-type Innocence. Chikita is not Kira's Innocence. She is a plot-device in my fanfiction that involves many spoilers, so you won't find much info on her until it's revealed in the story :>

*Please do not steal my character or copy the designs I have made for her. If you are making a DGM FC and don't know whether or not he/she is too similar to Kira, feel free to message me and we can talk it over c:

DGM: Pride of Tomorrow - fake ending by GazeRei
DEAL WITH IT by papyrus-tree Common DGM Misconceptions Part 2"But they didn't wear clothes like that in the late 1890's!!! Your character's clothes are way too modern!! They'd be considered a slut and run out of every town they went to!! YOUR CHARACTER IS SUCH A SUUUUUE!!!!1!!!!11!"
D.Gray-Man's setting is at the end of a fictional 19th century
D.Gray-Man's setting is at the end of a fictional 19th century
D.Gray-Man's setting is at the end of a fictional 19th century
What am I getting at, you may ask? Well, let's start with the visual evidence:
wOW, look some other girls aside from Lenalee with an above-the-knee skirt - and for no reason other than to look damn cute. Unless you wanna tell me they're hiding some Dark Boots of their own?
Oh, hey look! Klaud's first uniform was technically sleeveless plus the additional arm guards. But even with the arm guards, she's showing her shoulders. WOW, so historically 19th century modest!
Timothy's lookin' pretty 21st century in his casual,

Recent beautiful art for me <3

:heart:You can do it! by B3GIN:heart:
[Gift] Silent Watcher by LilusciousKira Malcolm|created by ChikitaWolf by Darkesper
[DGM]: Request Kira and Chikita by nebulosalumine[DGM] You keep me moving on by GazeRei
Training...? by sonkahalx3to ChikitaWolf by agawaR

image by GazeRei ;7; <3

.: | View All Art for Me~! | :.

Any art for me that's been removed or wasn't uploaded to dA can be found here. :heart:

Having a bad day? Read these!

Pixel: Raka and Vanna by Kiinsy-Ko

Read the rest of the funny quotes here~! :dummy:

"Chi is my so hetero waifu that I go male." GazeRei

"yeah tumblr is filled with kittens and dogs. Especially when you or Rei is online //shot" MistressApocalypse

"like if i werent straight as a board and nailed down by my religion i would be hitting on you so hard" papyrus-tree

"have a good day at college and if you level up any more in Aion i will eat your skin and sacrifice your bones to my demon gods uvu*" papyrus-tree

Chi: *throws canned tuna at chu*
Paps: *eats entire can of tuna*

"when youre 5: "IM A BIG GIRL I CAN DO THIS"
" papyrus-tree

"chi: *making tons of fake money and leveling up like a mofo*
me: *watching spongebob* papyrus-tree


"Holy shitznizzle, Thor, calm down thy tits, thou motherfahker." GazeRei

"when we meet irl I'm gonna punt u" papyrus-tree

"and omg my stomach legit sending me signals that it's fighting the 3rd world war" GazeRei

"you either die young or see yourself becoming a fucking old granny" GazeRei


"my address is on Chisy's back : If found, send her back to the owner:" GazeRei

"oh you remind me of this character"
"he dies"
*shimmer* B3GIN

"don't throw shit at the window and expect it to be clean after it" GazeRei

"Nonono you gotta get good at drawing smut, so when people bother you while drawing you can whip out the smut and they'll leave you alone." Lon3NightWolf

"boy on the streets girl in the sheets" ph-ag

"Welcome to Chi's, how might we corrupt you tonight?" knightchick

"one does not simply
put Sey in their bed
" Sey-chii

"fucking Chisy I'll fucking ducttape the charger on your ass" GazeRei, lovable husbando

"I never ever experienced being an american before
now that I use meat to get my face heated down
I know what it feels like to be american" GazeRei

Paps: what up
Reisy: the sky
Chi: the ceiling
Paps: yall sassy nerds


"god bless your chiisy soul" ph-ag

"I hate it with the passion of a thousand starving Moyashis" B3GIN

Sey: //screams
Sey: since when did i become cute
Chiisywaifu: since the day you were deemed as cute
Chiisywaifu: likely at birth
Chiisywaifu: maybe before
Chiisywaifu: I bet they looked at your ultrasound
Chiisywaifu: and went holy fuck that's a cutie patootie
Sey: that needs to go on the wall now chi
Sey: cute from the womb to the tomb


Beyonsey: Upon entering the chi sqaud: Expectation: We're cute, cool, and popular! JOIN US
Beyonsey: Upon entering the chi squad: Reality: we're absolutely none of those things. Also cats. Cats are nice.
Chiisydoritos: and Tyki legs
Chiisydoritos: don't forget those
Beyonsey: NO

"Allen Walker: The boy who successfully went from "Can anyone help me find a cat?" to "Sir, tell your wife to keep her hands out of my pants, please!"" shaerahaek


------- : "Well I got my username from a meme, and you say my name is "so uncreative""
ElectricSparx: "did you get your attitude from a meme too, because I think 4chan scored points in the originality department there"

"You should accept female artists are comfortable with making their ocs with bitching legs and boobs that can probably squash a mans head between them and rule the world." kurtkun

[To Radical Sue Critic] "like wow, you're so smart, pat pat, now go and read the fucking manga" GazeRei kicking ass and taking names


Sat Apr 25, 2015, 5:51 PM
Fri Mar 13, 2015, 5:35 PM
//whispers// just like oaky
Tue Mar 10, 2015, 3:11 PM
Apparently so xD
Tue Mar 10, 2015, 10:32 AM
Peasants is apparently really difficult to read, Thena. xDDD
Mon Mar 9, 2015, 8:36 PM
At first I read 'pheasant' and was liek "uuuuum 'scuse me, when did we get demoted to bird status?" (the shining examples of derp that are potoos not withstanding)
Wed Mar 4, 2015, 11:31 PM
Oh, chi-beo, I didn't know we are allready on nickname basis ❤️ Love ya too my peasant
Sun Feb 22, 2015, 12:08 PM
*originally read that as "peanuts"* *was highly confused*
Sat Feb 21, 2015, 8:03 PM
Just stopping by to check on my peasants.
Sat Feb 21, 2015, 9:02 AM
Wed Feb 11, 2015, 2:06 PM


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Whether you're a friend, fan, passerby, or someone I've managed to piss off, I hope you have a marvelous day! And if you don't, try Googling funny cat gifs - maybe they can at least get you to crack a smile c:

:bulletred: PLEASE NOTE! (April) :bulletred:
I'm still trying to avoid too many anxiety-inducing activities, but as of late I've started to feel better. While my 18 credit hours worth of classes is still a priority, I'm starting to get back to answering messages and so forth slowly but surely. Thank you very much to everyone for their patience and support this year - I've appreciated it beyond belief ;v; I'm in a bit of an art cramp still, but sketch commishes are coming along as well. If you'd like to keep an eye on my status on them, just drop by my art Tumblr (chiiarts). It's not entirely up-to-date, but close enough c: Thanks again, and I look forward to when I'll be back on my feet with everyone like before TvT;

- | -

Socks Stamp by tofu-lion91 klgaslghkf by Kawiku I Love Rainbows Stamp by zara-leventhal
My Gallery || || Tumblr

Yo! I'm Chi, the derpy 19 year-old gal ohgawdI'mgettingold who enjoys CAPSLOCK, throwing fish at people, riding rainbows, and worshipping potoos. I'm a crazy ass D.Gray-Man fan! In fact, you'll mostly find DGM fan art, DGM gifts, and a sprinkle of artworks for my original story TSFE in my Gallery. I'm primarily a writer, but I've begun to enjoy drawing nearly as much c: I'm here to have fun with my friends and for some major stress relief from outside life and college, so everything I do on dA is a hobby ♥

:bulletblue: I prefer to get along with people, but I won't hesitate to point out something I disagree with.
:bulletblue: I enjoy discussing differing opinions in a civil manner. Even if we disagree, hating someone for a different opinion is silly.
:bulletgreen: Please don't be afraid to be honest with me. I appreciate honesty, especially if it can help me improve (art-wise or behavior-wise).
:bulletred: I have very little respect for those who publicly flame/bully people for having fan characters and/or canon x fc pairings. Get over yourself.
:bulletblue: If I've ever chastised you publicly & hurt your feelings, I sincerely apologize. (But if you don't feel sorry for being a jerk, I take that back).

+ D.Gray-man stamp + by stamps-account Running Edward Elric Stamp by The-Blue-Pangolin STAMP - Natsume by Stamp-It Atem Stamp by TigerShinigami Stamp Tokyo Ghoul by Iyokani Akatsuki no Yona Stamp by Rimisa

I do offer private D.Gray-Man fan character reviews. If you'd like to have your character reviewed by me, just shoot me a note! I'm more than happy to help out with suggestions/questions as well :D (currently reviewing 3)

:pointr: My DGM FanFiction SOTF
:pointr: Paps and I's DGM FC Review blog
:pointr: My art WIP Tumblr
:pointr: Looking for Point Commissions?
:pointr: Looking for more DGM fan characters?

Commission: Kira by rotatoesCommission: Raka by rotatoesCommission: Vanna by rotatoes

paps defeats my Nyan!Empire with her Desu!Empire using hungry!Allen papyrus-tree
adorable pixels by rotatoes

[Pixel] Look at that bounce - Dmitri by GazeReiIcon PC for GazeRei~ - 3 by MakiMashoAT: Kira Pixel by Kiinsy-KoKira Icon by papyrus-tree

Chiisy's Personality Type Results
If you're wondering why it changes it's cuz I take it whenever I feel like and post the new results : D

Mah Babus (/;7;)/ <3

Waifu to || Queen to || Wife to
onebecamenone | GazeRei | Kiinsy-Ko

Super Talented Poet Roommate

Property of || Owned by
Ha-Ra-Ra | skie-balloon

Steed to || Sassy Parakeet to || Liege-pon to
knightchick | AmyNChan | kurtkun

Amazigggg Friends
DianthaWisteria | Koto-wari |
onebecamenone | 5Ds-rabid-fangirl

Sissy || LatinSista || ChiChiAlarmClock
B3GIN | noodle-therapist | Ryu-HQ

The Cutie Patootie || Glasses Twin
Sey-chii | AsakuraMei

Ylia || Eri || Kira || Alessia
by Kuru-RI

Eve pixel by papyrus-tree
Kira pixel by PixelPrincess90
Latin sisters pixel by noodle-therapist


ChikitaWolf has started a donation pool!
1,302 / 3,000
Even 1 point is appreciated!
I enjoy being able to fund contests and donate points to those deviants who are just a few short of what they'd really like ♥ At the same time though, I've gotten rather tired of beggars, so any points I happen to give out will only be done so as a nice surprise c:

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To Do List (amg)

Training...? by sonkahalx3

( - not started
(╯°□°)╯ - sketching/linearting
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ - coloring
-(oAo)- - complete

Requests - CLOSED
1. GazeRei

1. NaocitaTama (╯°□°)╯
3. xXLee-kunXx Leekotsu & Lenalee (╯°□°)╯
4. Scribble-Demon small art trade 'v'

Point Commissions - CLOSED
1. cookiekrio's March and February - PAID (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
2. CandyAM's Chirstie and Caine -
3. zodiacgal's Gift - PAID
4. Ryu-HQ Couple fullbody commish - PAID

1. Cashewdee - fullbody Pandii + Victor(ia)
2. Cashewdee - Kyte pixel
3. DianthaWisteria

Gifts - CLOSED
1. GazeRei - Rei x Fjórir pixel chibis
2. Gifties for My Knight, Sissy, & Reisy pie
3. Shit ton of b-day gifts like holy biscuits
4. Surprise stuff harhar

What I'm Waiting For <3
Hachiimi Fullbody (Dmitri) PAID double
KziraLee Two fullbody color + BG (Raka, Vanna) PAID - points to be returned
KziraLee Waist up color + BG (Kira) PAID - points to be returned
GazeRei Three bottles (Dmitri, Nyx, Eve) - need to finish refs first PAID
Koveliana Fullbody color + BG (Dmitri) PAID
NerinSerene Two chibis, two Stikz (Kira, Rei) (Raka, Vanna) PAID
Vadali Four full body colors (Kira, Rei, Anna, Mika) Payment afterward?
WinterHayat Four half bodies, three fullbodies + BG payment afterward; four half bodies - PAID
AyunetheTuzi chibi (Kira) REQUEST
Poro-Ranger Allen, Kira REQUEST
MaskedWander Kira REQUEST
ceeturtles Kira REQUEST
pasaterupoppukon Allen, Kira REQUEST
Soliduskim Kira REQUEST

floating Dmitri pixel by the lovely ntsun
Raka and Vanna drawing by ntsun as well ;v;

CM:Dmitri by Kuru-RI

The Magical Nyandom

[Nyandom] Our hearts beats for each other by GazeRei

A Summary of the Nyandom by King Rei:
"What you expected: *ah cute girls talking about art, and their daily life, drawing cute drawings for each other*
What you got: ASDFGHJHGFDSASFGHGFD *fangirling and orgasm* HOLY NOODLES OMFG LMAO *rolling on the floor* HOMG AMG *keyboard headdesk* ADFGHJHGFDSXDCG AMG AMG AMG *wonk*"

PC: GazeRei - 2 by WhisperingCorridors PC: GazeRei - 1 by WhisperingCorridors PC: GazeRei - 4 by WhisperingCorridors PC: GazeRei - 3 by WhisperingCorridors

What's The Magical Nyandom?
The spawn of a Skype chat group created by Whatfloatsmyboat and infested with rainbows, desu, and feelz. GazeRei is the Nyan!King, I'm the Nyan!Queen, and papyrus-tree and Whatfloatsmyboat are the Nyan!Princesses. Rei and I are in husbando/waifu relationship, as are Miks and Paps, hence the lesbian-sounding convos hurhur.

What's MARK?
MARK is an acronym for the Nyandom's D.Gray-Man fan characters; Mika Weirner (Whatfloatsmyboat), Anna Jones (papyrus-tree), Shiroyama Rei (GazeRei), & Kira Malcolm (my chara). Mika is paired with Lavi (Lavika), Anna is paired with Joe Smythe (Joanna), Rei is paired with Kanda Yuu (Yuurei), and Kira is paired with Allen Walker (Allira). We enjoy getting art and making art of our little quartet, hence why you may hear about it uvub

MARK weapon pixels are all by GazeRei
MARK game sprites are by papyrus-tree

Button: Don't Spam by 8manderz8Button: Don't advertise please by 8manderz8Button: Please do not ask me for points. by 8manderz8
* Most pictures that don't have credits at the bottom or in the art are clickable to the original artwork c: Check 'em out and give 'em some love!

My friends mean the world to me, and I could never thank them enough for being the awesome people that they are :heart:

Adorable chibis by hitogata


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